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New Years'
Promotional Ad
​Collaboration with Lexie Williamson


These New Years' themed advertisement cards are for long standing LA Japanese confectionary shop 'Fugetsu-Do'. The cards are based on the Japanese New Years' tradition of Nengajo which are postcards Japanese people send to friends and family during the season.


The idea of this advertisement design piece was to embrace Japanese traditional culture, as the shop continues to do with its wagashi (Japanese traditional confectionary), while educating customers of the types of sweets they sell in order to increase sales.

As this was a collaboration project with Lexie Williamson, my part involved all the illustrations, the Japanese text, writing descriptions, and front layout. 

Fugestu-Do Oshogatsu Ad Front
Fugestu-Do Oshogatsu Ad Back 1
Fugestu-Do Oshogatsu Ad Back 2
Fugestu-Do Oshogatsu Ad Back 3
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