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Annual Report

This is an annual report for ASPCA.


The one word theme for the report is called 'SPEAK'. As the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a non-profit, humane organization with a mission towards anti-cruelty for animals, I wanted to reinforce their mission in a way that held the duality of sounding like an animal command and the ability to enact change as one would speak for the animals. In addition, 'SPEAK' ties in with their motto that is 'We are their voice'.



I tied in the theme 'SPEAK' with the society's core values which are 'rescue', 'protect', and 'recover' in order to have a flowing theme throughout the report. The cover is unique in that it has a transparent window of a cage and previews the image on the next page. The purpose of the cagedwindow was to give the reader a feeling that their contributions to ASPCA are valued and it emulates freeing the dog from a cage as they open the book's first page.

ASPCA Annual Report
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