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Jazz Portrait



Personal art: @sb_jazzus

Graphic Design:

Shop: @softbeanshop        



Jazzarie Lo is a graphic designer, illustrator, and multimedia artist from Cerritos who loves print and digital design, packaging, UX/UI, and art direction. She has a small art shop named ‘soft bean shop’ and also does freelance graphic design work on the side. 

“Leave a piece of yourself.”
The type of work that makes Jazzarie tick often involves deeply introspective, personal messages that evoke an emotional response from viewers. While her design work takes on a happy and energetic theme that uplifts consumers, her personal work is an expression of self-reflection that emotionally connects with viewers.

In her free time, Jazzarie likes to learn languages, work with various art mediums, listen to music, cook, and watch true crime documentaries.

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